This Actionscript 3 tutorial is on AS3 Comments. AS3 Comments are placed within actionscript 3 using // for single line AS3 comments or /** or /* for multiline AS3 comments with */ to end them. Actionscript 3 is used to program Flex, Flash, and AIR. Using /** in most editors gives you a more beautiful colour!

AS3 Comment examples

Double slash

//this is an as3 comment about the variable below
var hello:String = "hello";

AS3 Block Line comments

/* this is a block as3 comment
on multiply lines.*/

/** This is also a block as3 comment,
but it should appear in a different color within
your editor **/


If you’re using ActionScript 3 heavily it is worth reading the ASdoc guidelines and following these to comment your ActionScript code, even if your not using Flex. Please do read this!!!

Comment Shortcuts

Commenting in Eclipse

Ctrl + Shift + C

Commenting in Flash Develop

Ctrl + D Related Articles Link