I’ve noticed that my biggest blocker on my personal projects that I’m working on is marketing, as in gaining a market share, and making the product a success in that market.

Everything else is fine to me, ie. design is good, user experience is usually good, code is good - actually while I write this, I’m thinking I should actually check the user experience against a user! - by doing some user research ie. sitting a user down in front of the product and examining the results.

I fall over at the stage after I’ve pushed a product out, I don’t spend the time on marketing it to allow it to gain a share of the market - I always want to start a new project straight away!

As Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Therefore I should concentrate time on learning how to gain a market share, otherwise this will continue to happen with my products going forward.

Therefore my plan is to spend time to remove this blocker for myself, and focus on marketing Jobs Data UK, hopefully removing this blocker for subsequent projects.

In addition I have learnt that I need to reduce the time to market as much as possible, so that I hit this blocker as soon as possible with subsequent projects, I should also think about how a product is going to be marketed from the get go! ie. How will it be social, how will it excel at SEO, how will it gain traction, is it able to beat / compete with the main players in a google search?