A HTML Element is everything from the start to end tag, or the opening and closing tag, depending on what you call it! The HTML Element is the part of the HTML that is displayed to the user.

Example 1

<p>Hello Super HTML World!</p>

In the code above the text ‘Hello Super HTML World’ would be the HTML Element content, and the <p> and </p> would be the elements start and end tag.

Example 2

<div>Lets Dance</div>

In this code ‘Lets Dance’ would be the HTML element content.

HTML Elements within other HTML Elements?

Placing a HTML Element inside another HTML Element is called nesting. In nearly all the code you create you will have one HTML Element inside another. Example

  <p>Hello Super HTML World!</p>

In the example above the <p> element, with it’s ending tag, is nested in <body></body> and <body></body> is nested in <html></html>

Remember to always close your start tag!

Use lowercase for keywords in tags, ie. <div> not <DIV> as W3C recommends Lowercase in HTML 4.

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