HTML is a markup language that all web browsers understand and interpret; outputting what the developer has developed in HTML to the users web browser.

Hopefully the developer creates a great web page experience for the user!


When you begin writing HTML, you will notice HTML Tags. HTML Tags are defined keywords that are wrapped inside angular brackets. They tell the web browser how to display content within the HTML.

<p> and </p> below are examples of HTML Tags, and so are <head></head> and <body></body>

    <p>Hello World!</p>

At this point you should check out the HTML used to write this page, or one of your favourite web pages.

Check how to view page source within your favorite web browser, if you are using Google Chrome, do the following within the browsers menu, View > Developer > View Source.

You will see HTML Tags everywhere!

Opening HTML Tag & Closing HTML Tag

HTML Tags need to be opened and closed. Therefore you will usually see one opening HTML tag. ie. <p> and one closing HTML tag ie. </p>. Notice the slash on the closing tag.

The first <p> HTML Tag is called the opening tag/start tag and the </p> is called the closing tag / end tag.

Between these two tags you will have data such as text, images, tabular data etc. that gets displayed to the user, through the users browser.

The browser will not display the HTML tags, just the information in-between them.

What does HTML Stand for?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

The History of HTML

A good read for the History of HTML is on which discusses Tim Berners-Lee originally developing HTML while he was at CERN. Navigate to 2.2.1 A brief history of HTML.

HTML Editor

If this is your first time developing in HTML I would suggest you choose yourself a HTML Editor. There are many free html editors, I currently use a Mac, and on my Mac I use Sublime, and when I’m doing a lot of development I use Webstorm.

Lets begin to develop HTML

Hopefully you want to learn HTML. When you get into it, it is very fun!

If so, lets begin..

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