In this tutorial you will be creating a HTML link or Hyperlink. While browsing the web you would of clicked on a HTML Link. A HTML Link is navigation that links a web page to another web page.

Remember that you can link a web page on site A to a web page on site B.

To create a simple HTML Link add the following HTML within your code.

<a href="">Then DIGITAL</a>

Try It : Place the a element that defines the Then Digital link, between your body tags within your website.

  <div>Now lets go to < a href="">Then DIGITAL</a></div>

HREF Attribute

Within a HTML link the href attribute specifies the web page to navigate to when the user clicks the link.

Try It: Try changing the href attribute from to the name of your site, or another web page on the web.

HTML Target Attribute

The target attribute specifies which window the link will open in. You can open the link in a new window, the window the user is currently viewing, or in another frame within the web page.

<a href="" target="_blank">Then DIGITAL</a>

The following are the target attributes that can be used, they specify which window the link will open in.

Target Description
_blank Open the page a new window
_self The default target, opens the page in the same frame as was clicked
_parent Opens the webpage in the parent frame
_top Open the document in the body of the window
framename Open the document in a named frame