After I debated it, internally! I’ve decided to market and try to get Jobs Data UK out to as many people in the UK as possible by marketing it online myself.

I say as many people in the UK as possible and not as many students as possible as I’m thinking that I may have a bigger segment of the market if it’s targeted towards the whole UK populous and not just UK students. This is where more User Research of the market would of come in handy, at the start of the project!

I sat in bed this morning and wrote down the areas I’ll concentrate on to try and get as many users for the site as possible. These areas are, but not limited to :


Site keyword planning, this will no doubt inform the sites new domain name - if it needs to be renamed. In the past I’ve always thought you want to focus your domain name towards the keywords that you find after research, therefore the site may change it’s name.

It addition finding a domain name targeted towards a market means that your H1 Tag if it contains a title, will most likely be the sites domain name, thereby increasing your Page Rank by just typing in your page title into your H1.

Find your online target market

What niche or large target market are you targeting your site towards? / Where do you fit in with the other sites that are out there?

Email current sites / companies in the market

I think this is important, (sometimes) as you can form bonds, in the past I’ve been bad in this area, so it’s definitely something I must improve on. These sites can also place links back to your site, and your site to theirs.

Online directories, Wikipedia if applicable, Wikipedia will not increase you’re page rank though! As I think they have no-follow links. But if you have an interesting site it maybe worth placing there.

Meta Tags

Meta Description and Meta Title, these need to appropriate and will be informed by the keywords. Keywords on page, i.e. Don’t laden your page with keywords but place them within your header tags, and on your page. Remember content is king!

CONTENT IS KING!!!!! Is the most important thing about SEO!!!


Would increase the amount of traffic to the site, also the amount of keywords on your site, therefore increasing your page rank.

YouTube videos - why not it’s fun!!

Page Speed

Keep your loading speed of your page fast. The big G checks this.

Mobile Optimised

Google Checks if your site is mobile optimised as well, so if you want more hits, it’s worth being.

Angular Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Research

As my site is an Angular site, and I built it for fun, I did not think about SEO at the start. I’ll research Angular SEO and report back here!

Be social

Have a : Facebook page. Twitter - Twitter Follow / Share / Twitter Cards. Reddit - I’ve never used Reddit so it’s one to research / use. Stumble Upon. Reddit, for high quality back links, Diigo - what is this.

Submit site to major search engines.

Submit the site to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Google Authorship Tag.

Click through rates increase by 150% apparently according to the Wix blog.

Site verification

Google, Bing, Norton.

That’s it for now! The above list is currently a work in progress, wish me luck :)

Wix have some great articles on SEO that I’ve been reading to inform the above, check them out!