I just thought I’d think about Robots and Humans for a bit, here are some thoughts : This article is still in flight.


Does our feeling of longing keep us alive?

Robots won’t have the feeling of longing for a group, or person? As they are designed to be independent and work in or not in a group. How do you program the feeling of longing? What is the feeling of longing? How does it build up over time?

In evolution, groups survive, if robots had no reason for longing for a group, how could they survive?


Beauty - the way to see beauty, seeing beauty in a piece of art, seeing beauty in another persons face, can a robot adapt it’s own face to make themselves look good?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

How does a robot know that something is beautiful? You can’t have a bunch of robots that think beauty is exactly the same, or can you? But then you would have a bunch of robots who want to look exactly the same, and they would not experiment with how to look different?


Experimentation helps a human learn. When something is programmed, what is learnt is programmed into it. How could you program a robot to experiment with their initial programming? And to experiment with life around them. Of course they would have to be thought the basics ie. Asimov laws.

Robots would never break the rules. There you would never know if those initial rules are flawed.

Robots do not feel? But what feelings are those that humans purpose that are hard to be programmed into a robot. - feeling of longing. Feeling of regret. Feeling of love. But then what is love? Is it different for everyone? Feeling of stress. Panic - speed up reaction times.


The joy of human life. The feeling of sunlight on your face. The feeling of having take away and not having to cook. The feeling that is derived from certain color sets. The feeling of thoughts about going out in the evening with people who are close to you.


How do robots reproduce?

Should robots grow with time

Do robots grow with time, and therefore they’re experimentation stage, comes when they are young?


Do robots feel the joy of going into m&s and picking up a nice sandwich to it. Ie. The joy of eating something good. Or the disenchantment of eating something bad and thinking I could do better, and actually making something better. Or the happiness that comes with drinking water after a bad meal.

The Increase of Creativity

## Betterment

The need for a holiday - some would say a holiday is a bad thing. But it enhances your creativity, and allows you time to access your life. Therefore you come back and make changes to your life…therefore making it better! Or making something that you where working on better?


The love of music

But with all the above you are trying to create a robot that is a human.

Not a robot that celebrates things that it’s good at. What would a robot celebrate that it does better than a human. List here.