Yesterday I watched Steve Jobs The Lost Interview on Netflix, it was a great interview by Robert X. Cringely.

Some of the key points I took away from it where as follows, some of these are not from the interview, but just thoughts that I had while I was listening away.

Spend some time thinking about the future of tech, and where it will be ten years from now.

Surround yourself with A players.

You can’t be too precious with your ideas, they will get taking, but you can be first and also foster a community of ideas and innovations, to make sure you are always creating ideas, and creative products.

The efficiency of locomotion, the condor used the least energy to move per kilometer, but when you put a human on a bicycle comes right at the top of the charts! Humans are built for creating tools that makes the human race excel.

A page that discusses the bicycle and what Steve Jobs said around it is here Steve Jobs on how the bicycle beats evolution, definitely worth a read.

Here’s the video if anyone wants to watch :

Amazon Steve Jobs The Lost Interview

Google Search : netflix steve jobs lost interview